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Jan. 23 letters: Municipal budgets and governance…

St. Catharines city council seems to have forgotten there is only one taxpayer, says Timms Continue reading

Re: Decades-old regional transit dream becomes…

Regional transit is another good reason for direct election of the regional chair in Niagara. Continue reading

Niagara's three big cities to review…

While there may be changes to how long lawn signs can be displayed in future elections, it doesn't appear Niagara's big three. Continue reading

Bill 39, Better Municipal Governance Act,…

Link to Bill 39, Better Municipal Governance Act, 2022 Continue reading

Nov. 29 letters: Region vote on chair implies…

Niagara Region council's decision to appoint Jim Bradley indicates recognition of the need for change in governance structure,. Continue reading

Nov. 9 letters: Niagara region should start…

Coun. Laura Ip's motion to make the Niagara Region councillors vote for the chair in an open session would be welcome. Continue reading

Niagara elections strangely silent on governance…

21 Oct 2022

It has almost become a pastime that during each municipal election a plethora of candidates campaign on municipal reform. Continue reading

Oct. 13 letters: Dual duty councils could…

Change to Niagara's municipal structure won't be coming from the province, it has to be done locally, says reader Continue reading

Direct election of regional chair won't…

31 Mar 2022

Current leadership has eliminated need for change in Niagara Continue reading

Let Niagara voters choose the regional chair

Regional council's recent record suggests maybe the citizens could do a better job of deciding who the chair should be Continue reading

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