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06 Mar 2020

The City of Niagara Falls may take Niagara Region to court over garbage pickup. Continue reading

Niagara can change itself

Niagara should move to electing its regional chair in an at-large vote like many other regional municipalities in Ontario. Continue reading

Brock Study points out pros and cons of…

UNDER THE KNIFE & UNDER THE GUN: An Overview of Regional Government In Niagara Continue reading

Reason to hope governance change will be…

We should be optimistic that Niagara governance will change for the better this time. Continue reading

Bradley hopes for open minds during Niagara…

Niagara Region Chair Jim Bradley says he is ready to work with the province as it reviews Niagara's governance this spring. Continue reading

Who's running the show at the NPCA?

Bruce Timms believes the past Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority board members are still in charge, despite Niagara Region council's. Continue reading

Time to repair NPCA board: Smith

24 Oct 2018

After decades as a Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority board member, outgoing St. Catharines regional Coun. Bruce Timms says. Continue reading

Niagara's battle has just begun

24 Sep 2018

If we don't work together to elect municipal leaders who are ready to tackle our governance issues Premier Doug Ford could with. Continue reading

"We need to go to the ombudsman. The…

14 Sep 2018

Niagara Regional Council is looking for a handyman to help plug a series of leaks. Continue reading

Chair says he extended CAO's contract…

24 Aug 2018

Regional Chair Alan Caslin admitted, during a special meeting of council on Thursday, that he unilaterally extended the contract of. Continue reading

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