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Reason to hope governance change will be for the better

Niagara letters to the editor
Mar 20, 2019 St. Catharines Standard

We should be optimistic that Niagara governance will change for the better this time.

We came close last term with the leadership of Mayor (Walter) Sendzik when city council asked Niagara Region to reduce St. Catharines politicians from 19 to 13 by replacing six regional councillors with six of 12 city ward councillors doing both city and region jobs. We won support at regional council and Queen's Park, but city council changed its mind at the last vote, by one vote.

We thought that change had balance.

That change would have improved the co-operation and communication between city and region, which would quickly lead to more effective municipal service delivery and government and reduce the number of politicians.

We were close.

I am optimistic that the challenge of change for more effective service and local government will be met by the new councils of Niagara; I am certain the challenge will be met by this provincial government this time.

We can be optimistic that the 12 mayors' commitment to working together and the province's call for public advice will produce change for the better for Niagara.

Bruce Timms
Former regional councillor, St. Catharines
Last Modified: March 23, 2019 10:18 AM
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