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NPCA considers adopting Morningstar Mill

St. Catharines has found a suitor for Morningstar Mill as it considers unloading the property. The Niagara Peninsula Conservation. Continue reading

Timms supports Port Robinson ferry as a…

It's an enduring Niagara crossing that only takes three minutes. With a growl, the pontoon swoops across the Welland Canal and. Continue reading

Region needs to evolve into effective team

Double duty, directly elected, Regional council is not about saving money. It is about being more effective. Continue reading

St. Catharines city council wants governance…

St. Catharines city councillors not giving up on a move to reduce the number of local politicians. Last night, councillors voted to. Continue reading

Welland getting new courthouse

Niagara Region councillors at Thursday night's regional council meeting endorsed a staff recommendation that calls for the construction. Continue reading

Region needs to feed its T. rex

15 May 2015

Like everyone else, Niagara is not spending the money to keep up with the demand. For instance, it allocated $7 million for road resurfacing. Continue reading

Councillors want more spending on roads

14 May 2015

The state of our roads are bad for business — in more ways than one. Poor roads are not only harsh on company fleets, they go a. Continue reading

Burgoyne Bridge Task Force

14 May 2015

The most expensive project ever undertaken in the history of the Region will now become the focus of a new task force set up to probe. Continue reading

My GO Transit includes a regional bus system

13 May 2015

Do as I say, not as I do is an interesting statement often attributed to those who publicly promote a more liberal approach to issues. Continue reading

What Good are GO trains without regional…

13 May 2015

It seems the attempt to obtain all-year GO Train service to Niagara is stalled for now, to put an optimistic spin on it. Continue reading

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