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The call for acting quickly can be answered by the media as much as the government.

Misinformation peddled on social media and the prime minister's intemperate comments and political partisanship and toxicity are mentioned in the editorial. All were reported constantly using the term "so called" to describe the Freedom Convoy.

All mainstream media can do their share, act quickly by dropping the dismissive, disrespectful and derogatory phrase "so called" in front of Freedom Convoy in articles and editorials. Show the same respect for the participants shown by Justice Paul Rouleau. He never once used the phrase "so called" in his report.

The participants deserve more respect from media. These were Canadians willing to put action to their words. Almost 200,000 agreed enough to "put their money where their mouths were" with online donations.

The commission confirmed the vast majority of donations came from Canadians. Agree or disagree, the Freedom Convoy people deserve more respect from "so called" mainstream media. Justice Rouleau has shown the way.

Last Modified: April 04, 2023 12:04 PM
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