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DSBN plan worth reading Re: Lens on 'Redefining Excellence' as DSBN sets 2023-28 strategic plan, Nov

22 Nov 2023
District School Board of Niagara’s announcement of their five-year strategic plan “Redefining Excellence” is worth reading and so is the full text of the plan.

There are two concerns.

The often-repeated phrase “it’s all about the students and staff” is reflected in the new strategic plan by the lack of reference to parents. It is a challenge to find the word anywhere in the document.

The plan only uses the word “parent” once, and it is used in reference to excellence without the help of parents. It seems the board is assuming too much of the parenting role and diverting time from reading, writing and mathematics in order to do it.

The second concern is the plan says the board’s goal is to redefine excellence. It appears to define excellence as, “You did your best.”

“Excellence is about being your best” is what the new plan says. There is no reference to better EQAO test scores or better results. A bit like participation ribbons.

This new strategic plan is worth reading over a couple of times and then letting your trustee know what you think.

It reads more like a college or university plan dealing with young adults rather than children of elementary school age. Remember, trustees are looking for a new director of education who will be responsible for implementing this “Redefining Excellence” plan. Please read it.

Bruce Timms, St. Catharines
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