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29 Sep 2023
The Board Chair Sue Barnett said “It has to be somebody with their own ideas and willing to work and learn with the board of trustees”

Now is the time for the community , especially parents to call the trustees and give them your ideas on the new Director of Education.

Parents need to step up and speak to the trustees who of course put students and staff first but seem to ignore the interests of parents. Community and community groups are mentioned by the Chair and the Director but parents are left out of media statements.

Perhaps the new ideas the Board could look for is the notion of putting parent interests on par with student and staff interests. Parents need to step up and speak up to the trustees at this crucial moment. Use the online email service offered on the DSBN website to let board members know what you as a parent want in a new Director of Education. I am confident the trustees , especially the five on the committee, want to know what parents are looking for because parents have the prime responsibility for the education of their children. Now is the time.*

Bruce Timms

*We assume this line was edited out of the published letter due to space restrictions

Last Modified: December 08, 2023 08:13 PM
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