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Oct. 13 letters: Dual duty councils could reduce duplication.


Thu., Oct. 13, 2022

Bridge between budgets

Re: Chance for change, Letters, Oct. 6

This letter points out “upper- and lower-tier municipalities working independently from one another to develop their own capital budgets is a recipe for rising taxes.” I agree entirely.

The Niagara Region budget is decided by 12 mayors and 19 regional councillors. The bridge between the independent budgets would be much stronger with double-direct city/regional councillors, like Oakville in Halton region, because it would be decided by 12 mayors and 19 city or town councillors who sit at both budget tables.

This modernized structure would also reduce the blame game between the local and regional councils over rising taxes and duplication of services.

Niagara needs to modernize its regional and local councils to catch up with Halton, York, Peel and Durham regions to compete with them for provincial support.

The premier has made it clear it is up to local councils and, therefore, local voters to make changes. The province won’t be doing it anytime soon. Again I agree, the upcoming election is a chance to vote for change, to modernize Niagara.

Bruce Timms
St. Catharines
Last Modified: October 17, 2022 10:06 AM
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