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St. Catharines city council wants governance change


St. Catharines city councillors not giving up on a move to reduce the number of local politicians. Last night, councillors voted to request that the region ask the province for permission to change the city's governance model. In layman's terms, that means councillors would do double duty and sit on both city council and regional council. Currently, St. Catharines has 12 city councillors and 6 regional councillors. Councillor Mat Siscoe tells CKTB's Tim Denis it's a contentious issue, with discussion not only about if a change is needed but if this is the right change.

After the October municipal election, council appointed Matt Harris as its first dual role councillor, but the province stepped in saying the change would have to be implemented before an election campaign begins. St. Catharines council hoping to have approvals in place before the next election in four years.

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Last Modified: July 08, 2015 06:39 AM
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