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Cops question "war" mongering

05 Sep 2014

Niagara Regional Police officers are wondering why some members of regional council want to go to war with them. Recently, Niagara. Continue reading

War chest plan moves forward

03 Sep 2014

It took a while to come together, but a plan to create a "war chest" to fund Niagara Region fights against police budgets. Continue reading

Contain runaway pay of Ontario's police…

30 Aug 2014

Wage increases of police, firefighters and paramedics are outstripping cost of living, rate of inflation and average of other public. Continue reading

"Timms" defend the taxpayer at…

19 Aug 2014

Municipalities across Ontario need to create war chests to fund legal battles against police associations over budget requests, say. Continue reading

War chest to fight police appeals sought

10 Aug 2014

NIAGARA — Bruce Timms thinks the time has come for the Region to begin assembling a war chest to prepare for future legal fights. Continue reading

Councillor wants to build police budget…

06 Aug 2014

The St. Catharines regional councillor is proposing Niagara Region set aside $200,000 yearly to create a war chest to stand its ground. Continue reading

War chest worth looking at

10 Jul 2014

They say you shouldn't bring a knife to a gunfight, but Bruce Timms figures the Niagara Regional Police board has for years walked. Continue reading

Governance back on the table

19 Jul 2013

The public will have its say on a proposed change to how the city is represented at the regional level prior to any decision by city. Continue reading

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